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Germfree7 antimicrobial smart coating

Continuous non-stop disinfection for 7 days with one application: an easy to apply thin coating ensures clean surface for an extended period of time and prevent spreading disease. Easy to Use: Spray or wipe on to broad ranges of surfaces, no need to rinse. Fast and Effective: Kills a wide spectrum of microbes in minutes. Long-Lasting and Cost Effective: Long-lasting disinfection allows you to avoid frequent repeated disinfections and save valuable manpower and detergent costs. Smart: self-disinfect on touch and contamination. Safe and Proven Disinfection: Uses environmentally-friendly raw materials that are approved by the US EPA. Environmentally benign: Controlled release of very small amount of chlorine dioxide to protect users...

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How Germfree7 works? The Germfree7 spray applies a protective coating of Chlorine dioxide, an EPA approved commonly used antimicrobial material. It is transparent, safe and environmentally friendly. The coating consists of millions of small micro-capsules that have been timed to continuously release metered amount of  gaseous biocide to eliminate all the microbes on the surface. The patented technology within Germfree7 includes smart polymer bubbles that respond to droplets or temperature or moisture changes by touch. The coating automatically releases sufficient disinfectant to inactivate disease-causing microbes.   Patent pending in EU, and 10+ countries. US patent Number 8741325, Korea patent number 10-1308261 and approved in China   A Revolutionary Innovation For A Healthier...

Germfree7 Application

Experiments done in European companies on  air conditioning  filter, Mildew prevention to bath room, room ceiling and walls. Clean and disinfect escalator hand rail, elevator interior, doors, bath rooms, counter tops, hospital wards, customer service counters,  frequently touched public areas, public transportation seats,  and all areas which require frequent daily cleaning.   See the difference coating a surface can make Fungicidal (Natural Bioaerosols) HEPA Filter (bioaerosol hallenge)    

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