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  • Germfree7’s capability to continuously disinfect a surface has been rigorously established in numerous “high-traffic” settings, such hospitals, shopping malls and clubs.
  • Testing at MGS Laboratories and the Blutest Laboratory in the United Kingdon have confirmed that Germfree7 kills 99.9% of bacteria in less then one minute.
  • Chlorine dioxide, the active agent in Germfree7, kills microbes through oxidation, by damaging many proteins important for microbe survival. By damaging many proteins simultaneously, microbes are not able to easily develop resistance to chlorine dioxide, a common problem with antibiotic containing cleaning agents.
  • Germfree7 has broad range anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. That means, it will be effective even to new strains of microbes, protecting families and businesses from as of yet unanticipated sources of infection.


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