Greenland Biotech

Germfree7 antimicrobial smart coating


Continuous non-stop disinfection for 7 days with one application:
an easy to apply thin coating ensures clean surface for an extended period of time and prevent spreading disease.
Easy to Use:
Spray or wipe on to broad ranges of surfaces, no need to rinse.
Fast and Effective:
Kills a wide spectrum of microbes in minutes.
Long-Lasting and Cost Effective:
Long-lasting disinfection allows you to avoid frequent repeated disinfections and save valuable manpower and detergent costs.
self-disinfect on touch and contamination.
Safe and Proven Disinfection:
Uses environmentally-friendly raw materials that are approved by the US EPA.
Environmentally benign:
Controlled release of very small amount of chlorine dioxide to protect users and environment.


Benefits Over Other Disinfectants

Existing disinfectants:

  • Act only on the microbes that are present when it is applied
  • Require frequent re-applications, magnifying manpower and material costs
  • Are inconvenient, especially when they need to be applied with an activator
  • Are not people- or environment-friendly: Ozone, Nano Silver, any nano particles