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How Germfree7 works?

  • The Germfree7 spray applies a protective coating of Chlorine dioxide, an EPA approved commonly used antimicrobial material. It is transparent, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The coating consists of millions of small micro-capsules that have been timed to continuously release metered amount of  gaseous biocide to eliminate all the microbes on the surface.
  • The patented technology within Germfree7 includes smart polymer bubbles that respond to droplets or temperature or moisture changes by touch. The coating automatically releases sufficient disinfectant to inactivate disease-causing microbes.


Patent pending in EU, and 10+ countries. US patent Number 8741325, Korea patent number 10-1308261 and
approved in China


A Revolutionary Innovation For A Healthier Future

  • Greenland Germfree7 is a Smart Anti-Microbial Coating created to control the spread of bacteria for an extended period.
  • With its patented technology and hospital-proven effect, Germfree7 is capable of sensing and killing 99.9% of harmful microorganism on contact.
  • Single treatment with Germfree7 will protect you and your family from bacteria and viruses for at least a week.
  • The antimicrobial agent will be released on demand when contacted by touch, moisture, or body temperature.
  • Surface can remain free of virus, bacteria or fungus continuously for long periods and even after many exposures.